Truck crashes into house, igniting a fire in Salem County

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Police say a truck driver lost control and crashed the vehicle into a house which caused a gas main to erupt into flames in Pennsville, New Jersey.

The incident happened before 5:30 a.m. Thursday on Dunlap Avenue and North Hook Road.

The fire erupted after gas lines ruptured when the pickup truck crashed.Rescue, fire and utility crews were called to the scene.

Police say there was another vehicle involved in the crash, but was further down the road.

A husband and wife were asleep inside the house, but managed to get out safely.

Kathy Walters credits her husband, a retired firefighter with saving her life.

He woke her up, dragged her out of bed, and got her safely out of the house.

She said, “We are lucky, very lucky, things can be replaced. We are grateful.”

Officials say the pickup truck is charred and the house was damaged.

Police say this is the second time the house has been struck by a vehicle.

They say this could have been tragic, but everyone is safe.

Crews closed North Hook Road between King and Churchtown roads to clean up the debris.

The driver and couple are all okay.

It’s not clear on why the driver lost control.

Police believe the driver was not under the influence or that the morning fog played a role in the crash.

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