Nursing Home Accidents and the Importance of Expert Witness Testimony

22-2-2532 Estate Of Frankie L. Garner v. Senior Care Centers Of America, Inc.,App. Div. (per curiam) (4 pp.) Defendant Senior Care Centers of America, Inc. operates an adult care facility. Garner, who was then eighty-four years old, was being cared for in the facility when she stood up and then […] Read more »

Admission of Expert Opinion Regarding "Non-Economic Damages" "Value of Life" Damages

Case summary provided by New Jersey attorney, Jeffrey Hark Johnson vs. Redd, Trial Court Hudson County NJ, L-855-11 In this trial court decision, the court reviews the ability of a party to submit evidence to the jury regarding the pain and suffering value of life based on several different methods […] Read more »

New Jersey Drug Charges and Improper Expert Witness Testimony

14-2-1544 State v. Goldsmith After the defendant was convicted of possession of drugs and possession with intent to distribute he appealed his conviction arguing that the opinion testimony of two police “experts” that the transactions they ‘witnessed’ were drug purchases was clearly capable of producing an unjust result, such that there is a reasonable […] Read more »

New Jersey Criminal Law and Expert Testimony – Net Opinion

14-2-1653 State v. Granskie, App. Div. (Reisner, P.J.A.D.) (21 pp.) The use of expert testimony in this case by the defense stepped on the toes of the jury and overstepped his authority.  The state of the law allows the defendant the right to present expert testimony concerning his heroin addiction and withdrawal symptoms […] Read more »

Selecting Expert Witnesses

TORTS 36-2-1092 Walker v. Torres, App. Div. (per curiam) (14 pp.) After a jury verdict of a no cause of action in this auto negligence case in which plaintiff settled with the tortfeasor and then proceeded against her under-insured motorist carrier, plaintiff appeals from two evidentiary rulings made by the […] Read more »