Safeguard your hard-earned nursing license and career reputation

Hark & Hark’s aggressive defense protects your license in New Jersey
As a nurse, you’ve worked tirelessly in your career to earn your nursing license and treat the patients you care about. A complaint or investigation against your license can be career-shattering blow. Hark & Hark delivers nursing license defense to nurses registered in New Jersey accused of matters such as:

  • Improper treatment
  • Theft of a patient’s property
  • Drug theft
  • Improperly following doctors’ orders
  • Drug charges
  • DUI arrest

Our defense helps you retain the nursing license you’ve worked hard for.

Prepare for immediate legal action against your charges with an experienced attorney

If you are under investigation, or think you might be, involving an experienced nursing license defense attorney can make the difference between your license being revoked and keeping your license and preserving your reputation. It is important to involve legal counsel before you are investigated by the board, questioned, or asked to respond to a report, to ensure your case is fairly represented.

Hark & Hark helps you navigate the complex license investigation process, fight for your livelihood, and protect your nursing license reputation in New Jersey.

Medical License Defense Resources

Health-Related Boards - New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

Alternative sentencing protects your career

Hark & Hark helps nurses facing license review due to alcohol or drug related charges protect their license by seeking alternative sentencing and treatment. We strive to protect your career and reputation by getting you help you need to recover and re-enter the field through New Jersey programs like Recovery and Monitoring Program. We fight to ensure your career and reputation stay in tact during the entire legal process.

Please be advised that starting May 1, 2018, ALL applicants who wish to become a Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide (CHHA) must apply for initial certification, with the Board of Nursing, ONLINE only.