One of the most common causes of truck accidents is equipment failure. This can include manufacturing mistakes (such as defective tires) or design errors (such as failure to provide backing warning or object detection systems). However, most mechanical causes of truck accidents are caused by a failure to properly maintain the equipment.

Some examples include:

  • removing or depowering the front brakes, which can cause a truck to jackknife
  • brake failure due to inadequate adjustments
  • tire blowouts due to wear
  • improper securing or load distribution, contributing to truck rollover
  • defective steering
  • improper trailer attachment
  • defective side or rear lighting, and
  • transmission failure

Because several players in the trucking industry are usually involved in truck accident cases, they can be complicated. You may want to get advice or representation from a personal injury lawyer. An experienced truck crash lawyer will protect your rights and will fight for the best results for you.

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