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Many truck drivers and other motorists get injured and even killed on the U.S. highways due to dangerous road conditions. Sometimes these accidents involve vehicles crossing the center line and crashing. Sometimes they involve crossing into the shoulder and rolling over, dropping down a slope or cliff or colliding with trees, houses, poles, walls and abutments. Such accidents may have many causes, however, most often, road design or maintenance is responsible for car wrecks and truck crashes.

Dangerous roads are a significant cause of truck accidents. A dangerous road can result from:

  • Faulty design
  • Faulty construction: failure to follow approved plans properly, shoddy materials, shoddy workmanship
  • Faulty maintenance: allowing road surfaces to become dangerous, as with potholes, allowing guardrails to become dangerous, allowing dangerous highway traffic control lights, allowing erosion and lowered visibility of painted markers, allowing signage and warnings to deteriorate or be removed
  • Faulty adaptation to changing conditions
  • Failure by the government to make road changes to adapt to new conditions
  • Dangerous curves in road layout
  • Dangerous slopes and dips in road layout
  • Hazards obstructing visibility at dangerous intersections and crosswalks
  • Dangerous street drop-offs such as ravines or cliffs
  • Entrance and exit ramps that are dangerously short or don't allow safe merging
  • Defective or missing guard rails causing dangerous street conditions, especially in construction zones
  • Pavement with inadequate skid resistance
  • Improper drainage that leads to dangerous street surfaces, ponding, and hydroplaning
  • Parking policies that limit visibility of a dangerous intersection
  • Absent, defective, or improper warning signage
  • Poorly placed and dangerous highway traffic signals
  • Shoulders that are not visibly distinct enough from the road.

Your dangerous roads attorney should assess whether any or all of these problems may have contributed to an accident that may have resulted in injuries to you or a loved one.

Many truck accidents involve a single car that runs off the road, often rolling over. While government defendants often argue that such accidents are caused by truck driver error, dangerous roads may be all or part of the cause of the accident.

Dangerous road truck accident cases are difficult and expensive. The government bodies controlling the roads have strong defenses put in place by the government itself. Therefore, proving that a dangerous road caused an accident can be a challenge. Investigation of the dangerous road site and its history requires substantial attorney work, expense, and expertise. But successful cases not only benefit the client: they directly force changes in dangerous road conditions that can save lives - changes that might not otherwise occur at all.

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