Vehicle accidents are a serious cause of injury and death in New Jersey. Here we have summarized vehicle accident data from 2014. If you or your family have suffered as a result of a vehicular accident, please contact Jeffrey Hark.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents
For the first quarter of 2014 an estimated 6,800
people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. 4.9
percent decrease as compared to the 7,150
fatalities in the first quarter of 2013
Car accidents in the US
Nationwide preliminary statistics indicate there were
people killed
Car accidents in New Jersey
In New Jersey, there were 586 fatal crashes with
people killed
While New Jersey as
a whole saw a
decrease in
traffic-related deaths
in 2013, South Jersey
counties had more
deaths than they did
in 2012
Single-vehicle crashes accounting
for 49-percent of the fatal crashes
There was an
increase of 56
fatal crashes and
an increase of 71
Of all drivers,
16.2 % were
legally intoxicated
Of the fatalities,
31.1 % had
consumed alcohol
to some extent
The pedestrian
death toll was
Averages of
persons were
killed every day
There were
a total of 40
hit and run
fatal crashes involving 62 vehicles
There are 39,241 miles of public open roads in the state of New Jersey, indicating 1
death for every 62.6 miles
There were 31 tractor-trailers
involved in 26 fatal crashes
which resulted in 28 fatalities
Types of vehicles (Fatal Crashes from 2007-2011)
Taxicabs and Limos
6 to 11
5 to 7
Single Unit 3 axle
3 to 14
Police Vehicle
4 to 8
Single Unit 2 axle
19 to 21
Truck or Trailer
2 to 7
30 to 43
Heavy Truck
1 to 3
Cumberland and
Gloucester counties
had 58 traffic
fatalities in 2013, an
increase of 7 from
the previous year
Manner of Collision (2007-2011)
59 to 65
Opposite Direction
Head On/Angular
58 to 79
Fixed Object
162 to 215
Same Direction Rear End
41 to 47
Opposite Direction
28 to 35
140 to 146
Contributing Circumstances (2007-2011)
Unsafe Speed
52 to 119
Failed to Obey Traffic Control
41 to 50
Driver Inattention
85 to 178
Failed to Yield Right of Way
37 to 50
Improper Lane Change
7 to 12
Accidents caused by commercial vehicles
The number of fatalities is higher than accidents
Tractor-Trailer Crashes
26 to 43
28 to 45
Submitted by Jeffrey Hark, New Jersey Truck Crash Lawyer.