Receive compensation if you were involved in a commercial motor vehicle or bus accident

We help bus accident victims from the scene of the accident through their claim

If you or a loved one was involved in a commercial bus accident in New Jersey – contact an attorney to ensure your claim is handled properly. We take action immediately for New Jersey:

  • school bus accidents
  • transit bus accidents
  • Greyhound bus accidents
  • other common carrier accidents

These vehicles and their drivers are subject to strict motor vehicle code regulations. Hark & Hark has experience with the New Jersey commercial motor vehicle code and the Federal motor carrier and safety regulation with this to you with the proper handling of your claim.

Start your claim immediately at the scene of the bus accident

The first step in accidents commercial buses is to assess the scene of the accident to preserve any evidence is available in your case. After any injuries sustained are treated, drivers or passengers that are victims of multi-passenger commercial vehicle accidents should reach out to an investigator that can assess the scene of the crash.

Investigative experts go to scene to assess bus accident liability

We employ experts that understand the specific federal and state standards for the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of all personal transport vehicle operating on our roads. These experts go to the scene as soon as possible to help determine the nature of the crash and the extent of liability. Our bus accident experts investigate all responsible parties involved.

Contact an attorney immediately following your commercial vehicle crash

As soon as you contact Hark & Hark about your bus accident claim, we will send our expert motor vehicle crash investigator back at the crash. We are prepared to undertake the necessary legal procedures to preserve the the evidence at the scene, the vehicle, of the equipment involved in any crash.

Culpable parties will be held responsible if we act quickly and decisively. Contact Hark & Hark to handle your bus accident claim.