Reclaim your freedom with quick defense against fraud charges

Aggressive strategies that get criminal fraud cases dismissed or acquitted
Criminal fraud charges are time-sensitive, specialized cases that require critical knowledge and strategy to overcome. Jeffery Hark is a New Jersey criminal fraud attorney experienced in representing individuals against several types of fraud, including:

  • internet fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • credit card fraud
  • identity fraud
  • Social Security benefits fraud
  • unemployment benefits fraud
  • mortgage loans fraud
  • welfare benefits fraud

We are also experienced in defending several types of White Collar Fraud.

We expedite your case to ensure success

Upon being charged, there is no time to waste in a fraud charge. Witnesses’ memories become fleeting and evidence may disappear quickly so we don’t ‘wait and see’ what the Prosecutor or the Judge has to say. We present your case to the prosecutor immediately, guaranteeing your trial is fair.

Specialized expertise to resolve your allegations

At Hark and Hark, a certified fraud examiner on staff provides essential knowledge of complicated financial transactions and laws surrounding criminal fraud needed for your defense. This expertise gives us the edge over your case.

Discover how a skilled, aggressive and experienced fraud lawyer can successfully have your case dismissed or acquitted.