Professional License Defense for Attorneys

Attorneys are dedicated to making the justice and the legal system function smoothly. Unfortunately, ethical and dedicated legal professionals may find themselves facing the serious ramifications of a potential disbarring.

The New Jersey professional license defense team of Hark & Hark knows that the threat of disbarring can be a very serious one having huge repercussions on an attorney’s ability to practice law and make a living. We are dedicated to protecting the rights and livelihoods of those attorneys, and we may be able to help protect your ability to practice law.

Grounds for Disbarment or Suspension

An attorney or counselor may be disbarred or suspended for any of the following causes arising after his or her admission to practice:

(1) His or her conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, in which case the record of conviction shall be conclusive evidence.

(2) Willful disobedience or violation of an order of the court requiring him or her to do or forbear an act connected with, or in the course of, his or her profession, which he or she ought in good faith to do or forbear.

(3) Violation of his or her oath as an attorney, or of his or her duties as an attorney and counselor.

(4) Corruptly or willfully, and without authority, appearing as attorney for a party to an action or proceeding.

(5) Lending his or her name to be used as attorney and counselor by another person who is not an attorney and counselor.

(6) For the commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption, whether the same be committed in the course of his or her relations as an attorney or counselor at law, or otherwise, and whether the same constitute a felony or misdemeanor or not; and if the act constitute a felony or misdemeanor, conviction thereof in a criminal proceeding shall not be a condition precedent to disbarment or suspension from practice therefor.

(7) Misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact made in his or her application for admission or in support thereof.

(8) Disbarment by a foreign court of competent jurisdiction.

(9) Practicing law with or in cooperation with a disbarred or suspended attorney, or maintaining an office for the practice of law in a room or office occupied or used in whole or in part by a disbarred or suspended attorney, or permitting a disbarred or suspended attorney to use his or her name for the practice of law, or practicing law for or on behalf of a disbarred or suspended attorney, or practicing law under any arrangement or understanding for division of fees or compensation of any kind with a disbarred or suspended attorney or with any person not a licensed attorney.

(10) Gross incompetency in the practice of the profession.

(11) Violation of the ethics of the profession.

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