At Hark and Hark we handle all litigation matters. Specifically, our office handles many substantial personal-injury matters involving significant and or catastrophic bodily injuries, death, disfigurement,scarring and psychological and psychiatric claims related to the bodily injury cases.

We have handled cases against nationwide truck companies such as: UPS, FedEx, Jones Motor Company, and Carlisle Carriers.

Hark & Hark has also pursued claims against numerous local and regional dump truck companies, residential REITs, nursing home and healthcare REITs, as well as regional and local landscape companies.

Areas of Expertise in Civil Law

Family Law

Personal Injury

Professional Licensure Defense

Personal Injury Work

The law suits arising out of the personal injuries involve significant orthopedic injuries, plastic surgery issues, cognitive brain injury issues, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and all other levels of orthopedic injury from fractures, burns, scarring and mental health claims.

Commercial Vehicle Experience

We are not afraid to take on the local state regional or nationwide freight carriers, trucking companies, and insurance companies who represent the parties that injure you or your loved one. We have appeared in State and federal court in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to represent those injured in significant and substantial personal injury matters.

We have access to accident reconstruction experts, human factors experts, safety experts, policy procedure and premises liability specialists who have the appropriate expertise for your case! They have the knowledge, training, experience, and courtroom training to provide you with the level of skill needed to communicate to the jury the issues in your case. We also have have access to orthopedic specialists, pain management specialist, shoulder specialist, psychologist, psychiatric specialists, drug abuse experts, and other professionals who can provide expert opinion addressing all aspects of the litigation cases we handle.

Professional, Responsive Service for your Civil Case

We are able to sit down with you and review your case immediately after the accident at any time. We want to talk with you and your family as soon as possible to learn all aspects of your case, attempt to secure any and all evidence needed to protect you and your claim, and retain the appropriate experts as early as possible to perform the appropriate site inspection, vehicle inspection, location inspections, and whatever else is needed to protect and secure evidence in your litigation matter.

As the primary attorney in New Jersey I will be personally handling your case and will communicate with you directly regarding all matters, large and small. You have direct access to me via email and my support staff to address your concerns at any time usually from 7 AM to about 7 PM.

The Civil Litigation Process

With regards to the litigation process, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case the duration and/or length of time from the date of accident until the date of trial and or settlement varies significantly. However my primary concern for you is to receive the appropriate medical treatment so you can get better and feel better. When you hire Hark and Hark I remove those other legal concerns from your plate. I will communicate with you on a regular basis regarding the status of your case, the progress, and what is needs to be done to move the case forward at any given time. These are not your concerns to worry about because they only impede your medical recovery.

When you worked with my office we communicate with you on an individual and hands-on approach. We assist you in all aspects of your case and will do everything in our ability and the Rules of Court to move your case forward to a trial and or settlement at the appropriate time. I essentially become part of your team to successfully resolve your case by way of trial or appropriate settlement at the appropriate time. Between your cooperation, and my hands on approach we move your case forward in the appropriate manner to get you the best results of the appropriate stage of the litigation.