Aggressive & compassionate representation to achieve the best result for you and your family.

Without adequate legal representation, family law is personal, emotional and exhaustive. Navigating a divorce, custody battle, child support issue or alimony dispute could leave you in a compromised position. You risk ending up with less money than entitled or losing custody rights.

If you find yourself involved in any Family Law issues, you should contact a Family Law Attorney at Hark & Hark to discuss your matter and come to a resolution ASAP. We have reduced fees and flexible payment plans you won’t find at another law firm. As always, there is a free consultation.

Seek legal representation immediately if you are involved in a family law dispute.

Areas of Expertise in Family Law

At Hark & Hark we handle issues including:


Child Support




Restraining Orders

Property Settlement

Hark & Hark’s skilled family law attorneys will act quickly to:

  • Analyze your issues
  • Come up with options on how to proceed
  • Execute the option of your choice
  • Be available at all times for questions or concerns; and
  • Get you the best result.