A review of the attached New York Times link nursing home staff are struggling to provide the appropriate care to the adult resident population due to weight issues.

The interesting aspect of this subject matter is the effect it has on the employees of the nursing homes. Hark and Hark represents numerous nursing home, adult care facilities, sub acute rehab center, and hospital employees all injured as a result of their efforts and attempt to provide treatment, therapy, care to the patient population. We receive calls on a regular basis from acute and sub-acute healthcare providers across the South Jersey region suffering from low back disc herniations, strain and sprain, rotator cuff tears, knee injuries, and slip and falls all while attempting to provide care for increasingly obese residence.  Not only are the patients at risk due to their weight, but the employees are substantially at risk of suffering debilitating injuries while attempting to provide the statutory levels of care for their patients.  Please call Hark and Hark if you are a healthcare provider injured under these circumstances. We have the knowledge skill and experience handling these work related injuries.

New York Times Article:

Rising Obesity Rates Put Strain on Nursing Homes