New Jersey Hazardous Truck Cargo Accident Attorney

The federal government regulates and controls hazardous material transport in the United States. The Department of Transportation defines hazardous material as any item or chemical which is a risk to public safety or to the environment when it is being transported or moved.  Hazardous cargo, if improperly handled, can cause harm to people, animals, or environment if not handled properly. According to the United States Department of Transportation, current research indicates that hazardous materials traffic in the U.S. now exceeds 800,000 shipments per day and results in more than 3.1 billion tons of hazardous materials annually.

Precautions for Semi Trucks Carrying Hazardous Cargo

Commercial truck drivers in the United States require special training and licensure to operate these large vehicles.  Truck drivers carrying hazardous materials must carry a special license and undergo special training, in addition to their commercial driver’s license. Hazardous cargo trucks must comply with detailed requirements such as labeling hazardous cargo and its transporting vehicle, cargo temperature and pressure control, vehicle warning placards, United Nations system numbering, and specific travel routes. In addition, because truck drivers are in control of vehicles which hold a greater potential for damage and injury on the road, they are also held to a higher safety standard.

To secure the transport of hazardous materials, the United States Department of Transportation created certain rules in order for drivers to obtain a hazardous material endorsement.  The process includes the collection of an individual’s fingerprints and verification of citizenship, immigration eligibility or permanent legal presence in the United States.

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