Heading south? Turn off the NJ Turnpike by Exit 4

Submitted by New Jersey Truck Crash Attorney, Jeffrey Hark.

– A serious accident has one of two southbound lanes closed on the New Jersey Turnpike.

It happened at about 1am, just south of Exit 4 (Route 73, Mt. Laurel), where three southbound lanes become two. The left lane is getting by, but the right lane is closed, and that’s causing a backup and delays.

The crash involved two tractor trailers and an SUV.

SKYFOX in the air and a FOX 29 News crew on the ground show all the destruction. The two trucks are off the highway. A crane at the scene may be trying to pull them out.

FOX 29’s Bob Kelly reports this has turned into a hazmat situation because there may be a fuel leak.

Six people were taken to hospitals: the two tractor trailer drivers and also four people who were in the SUV.

Exit 4 is one of the New Jersey Turnpike’s busiest. Bob Kelly suggests getting off there, before the crash scene, and using I-295 which is close by.

Originally published here by fox29.com.

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