Beer Truck Tips Over, Turns Highway Into a Giant Beer Shower

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Most of the time, “raining beer” is just something that happens in your thirstiest and wildest dreams. A recent beer truck crash on a Denver highway, however, spectacularly proved “raining beer” can actually happen in real life, too. Really.

A semi-truck hauling beer crashed and overturned on the eastbound ramp of I-70 in Denver late last week, spilling thousands of cans of Miller Genuine Draft onto the highway — and cars — below, according to a report by local TV news station, KFOR. The accident snarled evening rush hour traffic, perhaps ironically delaying at least a few people who wanted to get home and have a beer after work. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident, per the report. But it’s probably safe to say hundreds of beers were lost.

A driver on the highway below the ramp captured the massive beer spill on video:

Officials were forced to bus in hundreds of local frat dudes to help salvage, drink, and remove all the fallen beer before reopening the lanes. OK, just kidding — they actually just brought in a front-end loader to scoop up all the debris and beer cans, unfortunately.

Of course, this is far from the first time we’ve seen such an accident. Earlier this year, a truck carrying beer and a truck carrying potato chips collided, causing a giant, sudsy mess on a Florida highway. Oh, and don’t forget a recent accident that basically turned a New Jersey highway into a giant sandwich.

While we might normally suggest you pour a cold one for all the beer that was lost, it seems like too much beer has already been spilled as it is.

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