South Jersey county leads state in 2016 highway death toll

Burlington County had 50 fatalities last year, according to police data

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More people – 50 – died on the roadways of Burlington County than on highways anywhere else in New Jersey during 2016, according to New Jersey State Police statistics.

Four people died on Route 70 in Burlington County alone. The central section of Route 70 carves through the Pine Barrens in Burlington County, serving as a major connector to the shore during the summer.

The fatalities on Route 70 included two deaths – in different accidents – in Pemberton Township and one fatality each in Medford and Evesham townships.

The next most dangerous roadways in Burlington County were Interstate 95, better known as the New Jersey Turnpike, and Interstate 295. There were three accidents with a fatality on each of those two highways. A spokesperson for Burlington County did not respond to a request for comment.

Middlesex and Monmouth, far more congested and built up New Jersey counties, each had 49 fatalities.

Camden County had 37 fatalities in 2016, with eight deaths on congested Route 30.

Gloucester County had 27 highway deaths in 2016, but no one roadway stands out, with fatalities scattered around county roadways.

Statewide, 607 people were killed on Jersey highways in 2016, a sharp 8 percent increase over the previous year and the most deaths since 2011.

The data generated by the New Jersey State Police still needs to be analyzed, but in past years’ failure to use seat belts, speeding and driver distraction, including cell phone use, were the primary causes of roadway deaths.

More than half of those who died – 333 – were driving; 167 were pedestrians, 89 were passengers and 18 were on bicycles, according police.

Already in the first five days of 2017, there have been seven fatalities in seven accidents.

To check for detailed information on 2016 fatalities, go to this NJSP page and click on a county.

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