Report: Branchburg school bus crash could lead to $1.5 million lawsuit

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BRANCHBURG — A driver injured after a Branchburg school bus plowed into five cars at a traffic light may sue for $1.5 million, reports.

Christopher Banz has filed a notice of tort claim, which preserves his right to sue, after a February crash on Route 202 near Wegman’s and Home Depot, according to the report.

It says his vehicle was one of several at the light — three behind him and a fourth slowing down to stop — when a bus with students slammed into the last car, causing a chain-reaction. Police issued the driver a careless driving ticket.

According to the report, Banz says in the tort notice he suffered injuries to his left hip, right hip, left leg, neck, lower back and head, in addition to mental distress and pain and suffering.

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