Recognizing the Signs of Child Abuse and Promoting Safe Activities During Quarantine

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office is working to help educate on the signs of child abuse and resources available.

“Family members, teachers, counselors, and other adults are typically the people who would see the signs of child abuse and voice their concerns, so the stay-at-home order has a unique impact on the issue of child abuse,” said Acting Camden County Prosecutor Jill S. Mayer. “We want to help educate others and spread the word about the help still available to at-risk children.”

Though you may not be able to visit family members or students in person, investigators said it’s still possible to hold video check-ins to gauge how a child is doing. If a video call isn’t possible, try scheduling a phone call. Visible bruises, fear of talking and loss of interest in usual activities are all signs that something could be wrong.

There are different forms of abuse, from physical, sexual or neglect to online dangers. With kids having more access to the internet while they’re home for an extended period of time, detectives said it’s important to monitor their internet and cell phone usage.

Red flags include being secretive about their online activity or talking to names that don’t sound familiar. Sites like can recommend age-appropriate apps, movies, and games to keep your children safely occupied.

The New Jersey Children’s Alliance is also a great resource of statistics, information and ways you can help. If you suspect child abuse is happening, you can call the Camden County Child Abuse Hotline at 856-614-8000 or the New Jersey State Hotline at 1-877 NJ ABUSE (652-2873).

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