NJ Nursing Board and RAMP – Conditional Discharge, PTI and your Nursing License issues!

Submitted by New Jersey Nursing License Defense Lawyer, Jeffrey Hark.

DO you have a New Jersey nursing license and have been charged with a drug possessory offense or DWI? You need to read this before you go into court! Have you been charged by New Jersey’s Nursing Board with a criminal of Moral Turpitude?

Moral turpitude is defined as “an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community.” If you have been convicted or engaged in any acts involving moral turpitude the board has a right to refuse to license or renew your nursing license. Moral turpitude is a broad concept and can be used against you for a multitude of violations. As a nurse, your job is to protect the safety of your patients and if your employer seems there is a violation of moral turpitude the employer has an independent obligation to report you to the board. Violating the Board’s moral turpitude clause is not the only way to be reported to the board. Any guilty plea, or enrollment in a first time offender’s program like the municipal court Conditional Discharge program, or municipal or superior court PTI will have a dramatic effect on your license!. Your employer is only required to report any criminal activity to the board that occurs at the employed location. When you fill out the application for a renewal or to be issued your license there are questions on the application that ask about criminal history which you must reveal.

Failure to report criminal charges, PTI enrollment and or any conditional discharge participation to the Board at the time of your initial licensure or bi-annual renewal will create additional Board action. If you are charged with any crimes the board is notified within 7-10 days as a result of a ‘finger print’ sweep. Drug and other substance offenses will result in the Board requiring enrollment in RAMP. RAMP is an expensive and demanding five year substance abuse recovery program.

Here at Hark & Hark we can assist you with the Superior Court criminal charges, municipal traffic or municipal drug charges as well as with any Nursing Board Activity. We understand the consequences of any Board action against your nursing license and the price that comes with enrolling in RAMP. Our number one concern is to protect your license. If you receive a letter from New Jersey’s Nursing Board regarding any criminal, traffic, or work place event, please contact our offices to make sure we can point you in the correct direction instead of just signing the papers and enrolling in RAMP.

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