NJ MVC will require any offender who installs pre-court to return to Motor Vehicles a second time in order to start their sentence.

MVC sees the new law as not giving credit to offenders for interlock time served prior to conviction. They contend that the sentence lengths post conviction will remain the same. As a matter of process they will need a start time for the interlock requirement and will need the offender to return to MVC with a second certificate from the interlock provider. Once they return to MVC with this certificate, the sentence of the judge will begin from that date.

Here are the steps for the offender:

Pre conviction

Bring ticket to interlock provider and have interlock installed

Take pre-conviction installation certificate, work order and invoice, provided by interlock company to MVC and apply for restricted use license

MVC will give paper document if approved and send actual license in the mail. The License is the proof of pre-court installation to be used at court

Post Conviction

Must get Order & Certification from the court

Contact interlock provider and coordinate exchanging the Order & Certification for a post-conviction installation certificate to rectify that interlock is still installed

Return to MVC and present the recertification. MVC will notate drivers record indicating that interlock is installed. The date of this event will mark the beginning of their interlock sentence

Without this return trip their interlock time will not start, so if you have any clients who have installed pre-court and have been sentenced, let them know to reach out to their interlock provider for recertification and to make the trip to MVC in order to start their sentence.

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