News release: New Jersey Worker’s Compensation and personal injury emergency

Submitted by New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer, Jeffrey Hark.

Amazon Wayfare, supermarkets, drug stores, emergency responders, police fire, all essential employees:  this is a specific message/news flash for you if you were injured on the job in the last few days or weeks will become injured in the immediate near future.

If you are injured on the job in any capacity, back injury shoulder injuries neck injuries, during this time of coronavirus employment activities Cohen please call 856-354-0050

We are manning the phones to assist you with any work related mandatory injuries related to working double shifts, not being covered with protective gear, back, neck, shoulder, leg injuries. We understand that you went to work as an essential worker and sacrifice your own health welfare and safety in this time of national crisis. We applaud your efforts and our personal concern that you receive all the benefits under New Jersey’s Worker’s Compensation laws and or personal injury loss that you were entitled to as a result of your selfless sacrifice

We have 26 years of personal injury and Worker’s Compensation experience  New Jersey.. We represent workers throughout New Jersey injured working on production lines, operating forklifts, performing picking jobs at any warehouse facility, as well as truck drivers involved in delivery crashes, loading in unloading injuries, slipping and falling off of trucks and platforms at delivery site

We have the knowledge skill and experience to help you in your time of crisis as a first line worker who sacrificed your health safety and welfare to go to work in this difficult time. You can also Email me directly at

We will get back to you immediately, interview you over the phone immediately, and give you instructions on the best way to obtain the necessary medical treatment and temporary disability benefits at this time.

Jeffrey S. Hark, Esq.
609-471-1959. Cell
856-354-0050 Office

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