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Finding an Experienced Trial Lawyer in New Jersey

Finding a lawyer to represent your best interests is one of the most critical parts of the lawyer selection process.  At Hark and Hark, we take that responsibility seriously and are ready to represent you.  Please review our website and all the information we are providing you in each of the sub-sections and pages for all the questions you have.

How We Help You

This web page is your ‘lawyer finder” information bank to help our prospective client.  We want you to review all the pages in our web site to educate you and help you decide what to look for in an attorney for the specific area of law that is effecting you.

Hark & Hark is a litigation law firm that handles all serious criminal matters affecting your life, traffic matters, as well as catastrophic civl personal injury cases which affect your entire life and family.

Expert Advice, Free Consultations

We provide free legal consultations to all individuals and families who are looking for a lawyer and are interested in hiring a lawyer who is hard working and will represent your interests! As a civil lawyer, criminal lawyer and workers compensation lawyer my law firm has the unique exposure to many different legal situations which help me give you the advise you need to to decide if you need a lawyer to help you with your individual facts and circumstances.

Criminal Civil Lawyer

Jeffrey Hark is a New Jersey Civil and Criminal Lawyer.

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