Legalize marijuana New Jersey – News flash: Prior Conviction Expungements

Submitted by New Jersey Criminal Lawyer, Jeffrey Hark

This month’s recent modified proposed legislation for marijuana legalization in New Jersey has included the automatic right for every person with a prior possession of marijuana charge to obtain an expungement.

However the key Provision in the most recent proposed legislation is the fact that the defendant, regardless of a municipal court or Superior Court conviction for possession of weed, who has this prior conviction must file the expungement. What this provision of the statute does not mean any prior conviction for possession of weed is just expunged. In other words,  this statutory proposal does not create an “automatic expungement”

Jeffrey Hark, Esq. of Hark and Hark handles expungements through every county in the state. We are charging reduce fees to file expungement of any and all marijuana possession offenses if this statutory provision becomes the law. We also will be accepting payment plans regarding expungements and will work with you to make sure you were criminal conviction for possession of marijuana is expunged from your record.  Please remember there are other guidelines that must be followed for an expungement that will be working with the new weed legalization statute. You need a lawyer in New Jersey who has experience and knowledge with the criminal courts and the expungement process. Hark and Hark has been here New Jersey for the last 25 years. Please call us so we can get started representing you and helping you get rid of your criminal conviction or possession of marijuana any work

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