I’ve been charged with harassment I need to know for my job if that is that a domestic violence issue?

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Today were going to do a review one particular issue of the Domestic Violence law in New Jersey.  We are going to examine the harassment and constitutes harassment. I’ve been charged with harassment I need to know for my job if that is that a domestic violence issue?

Harassment is defined in the New Jersey criminal code at section 2C: 33–4.

It is actually making any type of communication, verbal, written, cell phone, text, tweet, Facebook, in person, or through another person, in any number of times with the purpose to annoy him or cause fear and alarm.

In this day and age, ‘purpose to annoy’ means

  1. numerous cell phone calls,
  2. voicemail messages, and text messaging.

The New Jersey courts are allowing proof of the phone calls and text messages to be introduced at the time of trial so long as they are properly preserved and can be placed in the court record. This means printing out screenshots, transcribed cell phone voice messages, and printing out copies of text message history. The cell phone has created very easy methods of communication to prove harassment under the criminal code. So whether you are the person making the calls text emails and voice messages, or receiving them, once they are printed out they can be properly use as evidence in support or against any type of domestic violence or harassment charges.

In addition, the nature of the messages via by way of voicemail can and will also be allowed to be introduced at the time of trial. This will enable the court to hear voice tone whether drugs, alcohol, or other substance was present, and the nature of the harassing or provocative voice message. The police love the cell phones for the fact that everything is saved, printable, accessible, and can be used against you in the future.

As we approach the memorial day 2018 holiday and coming summer of 2018 alcohol, drugs, DWI and other behavior associated with illegal substances and drugs come in to the courts attention on a daily basis. If you have questions concerning and then of the issues above always call Hark and Hark as we are trial attorneys and handle these matters around the state on a daily basis.

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