Attorney Handling Truck and Passenger Vehicle Accident Newsflash

Attorneys have to have specific knowledge and skill of the Federal motor carrier safety regulations as well as the Federal passenger transportation regulation for commercial passenger vehicles. The knowledge and skill needed to handle these cases is very specific in addition to access to accident reconstruction professionals and experts to assist in determining the nature and extent of the responsibility of the culpable party and or responsible drivers who cause such accidents.

Limousine Accidents

There may also be substantial questions regarding who hired the “limousine” company, or who did the employee screening of the limousine company driver(s), who has prior knowledge and history and experience with any limousine company based on their prior safety record and whether that was investigated prior to any crashes.

In addition there has to be proper thorough investigation into whether the truck that was involved in the crash was properly loaded and had a proper safety and history record that was well-documented.     There  are also issues regarding the drivers of history and experience and employment history and pass it often need to be look into.

In addition of plaintiffs, injured person, need attorneys immediately because of the fact that the trucking company and the bus companies involved have attorneys on the scene and any “investigation “they do is protected by attorney client privilege therefore the plaintiff have to have experts on the scene immediately or as soon as possible to do their own investigation and examination of the trucks and buses involved

Hark and Hark has the skills knowledge training and expertise and readily available access to experts to handle these matters for you.

There may also be substantial questions regarding Worker’s Compensation benefits and entitlement to a medical treatment temper disability benefits if the persons on any buses or trucks or in the course of their employment  at the time of any crash.


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