Are you being watched by someone because you made a workers compensation claim or were involved in a car crash?

Submitted by New Jersey Workers Compensation Lawyer, Jeffrey Hark.

When you make a claim against an insurance company from a workers compensation case and/or file suit against a driver as a result of a car crash and you are claiming personal injuries you become the target of surveillance.  Why?  Because insurance companies are not your friends and will be anything to not pay you for your claims if injured.

In this case a  70-year-old woman was injured when another driver made a left turn in front while attempting to enter a parking lot. The driver who made the left turn  admitted he crossed the double yellow line and did not see or look before he made a left turn and caused the crash. Nevertheless, the insurance company attorneys hired a surveillance company to take video surveillance of a 70-year-old woman in order to catch her lying about her orthopedic injuries. The plaintiff  driver who was injured alleged that she suffered shoulder injury.  The insurance company took video of her lifting her arm! They show the video surveillance to their insurance defense “IME doctor” who  provided opinion that she could not have been injured based on the way she was moving and using her arm.

Even after objecting, and having her own doctors provide a comment about the video, the jury was shown the video. As a result they returned a verdict of only $3000.

Just remember when you make a claim against another driver and file suit, the insurance companies will do anything possible to affect your credibility and believability in the jury’s eyes. Even if the video did it actually show any orthopedic activity contrary to testimony, it created a question in the jury’s mind thinking maybe grandmom was lying and should be the subject of  surveillance.

It worked in this case! Would it work in your case? When my office is hired for any personal injury matter the first thing we tell our clients is that they are now under surveillance by the insurance company. All of the insurance companies in New Jersey  are not willing or interested paying any money to any injured claimant if  they can get out of it by any means necessary. They will use surveillance, obtain ALL of your prior medical records, mental health records, prior substance abuse treating records, and try to use them against you and poison the jury!

This case is a perfect example. You are warned again! If you have questions about these issues please call our office and schedule a free consultation.

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