"Driving under the influence" (DUI) and "driving while intoxicated" (DWI) are two names for the crime of drunk driving. DUI in New Jersey often refers to a minor with any detectable amount of alcohol. In 2001, more than 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

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Responding to the public outcry, police and highway patrol officers are cracking down on drunk drivers with increasing frequency. Penalties upon conviction for drunk driving and drunk driving accidents are becoming increasingly severe. Although first-time offenders may be given relatively lighter punishments such as a suspended sentence conditioned on treatment for substance abuse or attendance at drunk-driving school, the penalty for second or subsequent offenses often includes mandatory minimum jail or prison sentences that cannot be suspended or waived, as well as stiff fines.

New Jersey DWI cases are a very technical area of the criminal justice system. In New Jersey it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with .08 grams of alcohol per 1.5 liters of breath or more. It is the burden of the prosecution to show that the blood alcohol level of the person charged was at or above the legal limit when driving. BASED ON THE MOST RECENT STATE SUPREME COURT DECISION IN STATE V. CHUN Breath test evidence can be challenged and defeated in many ways. At HARK & HARK you can be assured we will use our experience and knowledge of New Jersey DWI laws to ensure that your rights are aggressively protected, to challenge all evidence against you, and to require that the prosecution meet its standard of proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because you are charged with a DWI offense does not mean that you are guilty, even if your breath test result was over .08. These results may not be accurate or reliable, or may not have been legally obtained. Our drunk driving criminal lawyers will examine all aspects of the traffic stop and blood alcohol evidence to prepare your defense.

A skilled, experienced New Jersey DWI attorney can make the difference between losing your license and going to jail, or the difference between paying a high fine or a low fine. In other words, the ultimate outcome of your case may depend on the quality of your legal representation. We will use all of our experience, skill and resources to zealously advocate on your behalf to protect your legal rights and work toward the least restrictive outcome possible. In certain circumstances, we also consider DWI/DUI lawyer payment plans.

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