1. What blood alcohol concentration is considered DWI?

Answer: .08%

2. If convicted of a New Jersey DWI, what must the Court do regarding the license of the Defendant.

Answer: Suspend the license for a prescribed period of time.

3. What is a conviction for DWI in New Jersey considered?

Answer: A Motor Vehicle Violation

4. Can a DWI charge be plea bargained?

Answer: No, it cannot be plea-bargained as there are strict laws against this.

5. Should I willingly submit to a breath sample?

Answer: Yes, refusing to give breath samples is a separate offense in New Jersey.

6. What if I were not read my 'Miranda rights' by the Police:

Answer: This will not result in a dismissal on a technicality.

7. What if my DWI lawyer thinks I am guilty?

Answer: A defense lawyer is duty-bound to represent a client, even if he knows you are guilty, within the bounds of ethics and the law.

8. What does DWI stand for?

Answer: Driving While Intoxicated.

9. DUI?

Answer: Driving Under the Influence.

10. Should I hire a lawyer who focuses in DWI defense?

Answer: Yes, one who is experienced, aggressive and responsive - whose practice is focused on defending DWI charges will offer the best possible defense.