Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear End Collision – Lumbar herniation – Fusion – Soft tissue cervical injuries – UIM case.

Camden County, NJ

The plaintiff, who was in the course of his employment, contended that he was struck in the rear by the defendant while sitting at a red light. The defendant had primary coverage of $100,000 and a $100,000 umbrella. The plaintiff was covered by his employer’s $250,000 UIM policy and $50,000 remained available.

The plaintiff contended that he suffered a lumbar herniation with radiculopathy that was confirmed by MRI and EMG. The plaintiff maintained that conservative care was inadequate and that he subsequently underwent fusion surgery. The plaintiff maintained that despite the procedure, he will permanently suffer pain and extensive restriction. The plaintiff also maintained the soft tissue cervical injuries will cause permanent pain and limitations. The case settled prior to trial for $250,000, including the $100,000 primary policy, the $100,000 umbrella policy and $50,000 from the employer’s UIM policy.


Plaintiff’s neurosurgical expert: Joan O’Shea, MD in Marlton, NJ.

Plaintiff’s orthopedic surgical expert: Gary Goldstein, MD from Voorhees, NJ. Rose vs. Trettin & Callin.

Docket no. CAM-L-1328-11,12-12.


Attorney for plaintiff: Jeffrey Hark of Hark & Hark in Cherry Hill, NJ.