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Strategic representation will secure your freedoms

Criminal charges, personal injuries, and charges against your professional license are serious matters that can have a profound impact on your life. Whether it is your first time through the New Jersey court system, or you have been through before, the legal process can be complex and daunting.

Ease the mental and emotional stress you are facing by choosing an experienced civil and criminal attorney. Hark & Hark will answer your questions, provide comfort and confidence in your defense and representation, and address your court needs immediately. Contact Hark & Hark to evaluate your case today.

Jeffrey Hark, New Jersey Criminal LawyerFrom the desk of Attorney Jeffery Hark:
I am an aggressive New Jersey criminal and civil law attorney that is experienced in investigating, representing, and winning cases involving different law enforcement agencies, criminal charges, civil suits, and more. I leverage my extensive experience and knowledge to build a strategy that will help win your case in court.

Hark & Hark engages immediately to accomplish two important goals:

  1. We address posting bail and fight to get your first hearing continued. This quick initial action protects your right to due process and grants you time to pay for and attorney.
  2. I meet with you and your family to hear your case, answer your questions, and strategize an effective defense that will safeguard your constitutional rights and your freedom.